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Check it out! After a decade of service and more than 2½ million visitors each month, we have now upgraded, enhanced, expanded and redesigned MLS Mexico utilizing the most up-to-date technology available. We invite you to try out all our new features...

  • Mobile/Touchpad compatible
  • Dynamic mapping & directions
  • Video walkthrough
  • Radius map search
  • Online Support via Chat
  • and more to come

Welcome to MLS Mexico, your connection to properties for sale or rent in beautiful Mexico, the sixth ranked country worldwide and, according to  Jim Cramer of CNBC, a top real estate  investment choice “with a good deal of  potential for a real estate boom.” From the perspective of those who call Mexico home, it is a country of friendly, gracious people, scenic beauty and a stress-free, economical lifestyle.

So whether you are considering Mexico for relocation, vacationing or a profitable investment with double-digit return potentials, we invite you to contact any of our professional agents.

New Site, New Functions

Look for the  throughout the site to HELP you with new features and functions of this site. We are also proud to supply ONLINE ASSISTANCE (located bottom right) if you have any immediate questions.


If you are interested with joining us, we have a special offer! Click below to request more information!

Coming Soon: A new MLSmexico.com

At this time, this site is undergoing a major revision behind-the-scenes. Upon re-launch, we will be bilingual (Spanish-English), responsive to your mobile devices, and offering new features such as rentals and property comparison. We invite you to check back soon.